Eternity Warriors 2 – Cheats & Tips

If you enjoy playing Eternity Warriors, then you should play Eternity Warriors 2 which was available on the App Store and Google Play since 23/8/2012. This game will give you a gaming experience that’s part Diablo and part God of War.

This week, RumpiTekno will give you useful cheats and helpful tips, all of which will help you win the tougher levels, especially the Spider Lair and Hell Fire stages.

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Don’t spend money at the beginning of the game

Do not be tempted to spend money at the beginning of the game to buy GEMS/COINS that you need to purchase powerful weapons. You can get GEMS/COINS for FREE and incidentally, most of the best weapons are not found in the Shop but are dropped by the demons and bosses. This is the first tip you need to remember!

Gem Pack Coin Pack Purchase (In-app)
Gem Pack 1 (40 Gems) Coin Pack 1 (2,000 Coins) $1.99
Gem Pack 2 (110 Gems) Coin Pack 2 (5,500 Coins) $4.99
Gem Pack 3 (260 Gems) Coin Pack 3 (13,000 Coins) $9.99
Gem Pack 4 (640 Gems) Coin Pack 4 (32,000 Coins) $19.99
Gem Pack 5 (2,000 Gems) Coin Pack 5 (100,000 Coins) $49.99
Gem Pack 6 (5,200 Gems) Coin Pack 6 (260,000 Coins) $99.99


Before you begin fighting the demons, you should spend time to collect FREE GEMS by installing FREE apps from Tapjoy. You can collect upto 376 gems just by installing FREE apps and buying the Kick the Buddy:Second Kick app for $0.99.

Rate the game to earn five more FREE GEMS.

If you really need to buy Gems, always watch out for occassional great offers in Tapjoy like Kick the Buddy:Second Kick ($0.99) for 135 gems, Zone Zero ($0.99) for 122 gems, Monster Wars ($0.99) for 72 gems and Legendary Wars ($0.99) for 69 gems.

For $3.96, you can get 398 gems which you would need to pay $14.99 if you had made an in-app purchase But eventually we will still need to do an in-app purchase. And we should buy for this great piece of work from the Glue team :)

These precious gems are used in upgrading weapons and to purchase items without having to wait to achieve the particular level required to purchase it with Coins.


You can collect FREE COINS (from 50-1,500 coins) awarded for each quest (total of 84 different quests) that you have completed as you progresses through the game.

Using the Right Weapon for the Appropriate Level

Before starting a level, you should check the recommended weapon strength you need to fight in the level. For example, if you fight at at the beginning of Undead Spire stage, the recommended weapon strength is 55 (because of the weaker demons.)

However as you progress to the end of the Undead Spire, the recommended weapon strength will be 215 due to the tougher demons and boss. Similarly if you fight in tougher stages (and levels), the recommended weapon strength will be higher (for example, you will need a weapon strength of 520 to fight at the beginning of Hell Fire stage – the hardest stage!)

One of the fun thing playing EW2 is choosing the right weapon for each level. For example, if you are fighting in Shivering Refuge, it would be logical to choose a weapon with lots of +fire and not +ice since the creatures themselves are icy! Similarly if you are fighting in Hell Fire, you would not want to choose a weapon that is +fire since these creatures live in Hell.

Choose a weapons that attacks the weak points of the demons!! Weapons with +attack and +thunder are great stuff but you need to supplement them with the right +ice, +fire and +poison.

Maybe in the next upgrade, EW2 will have weapons with lightning (and maybe sonic) attributes.

Read the comments below: Some gamers had great weapons – Inferno Sword, Jade Reaper and most probably the ultimate weapon – Heaven and Dragon Sabre! A truly rare WEAPON!!

Take Control with your Status bar & Control buttons

Indicator / Button Description
1. Green (Life) bar Indicates your remaining Health
2. Yellow (Rage) bar Indicates your remaining Energy. If your remaining Enery is not sufficient, you cannot activate the Dash and Charge feature.
3. Blue (Progress) bar Indicates the remaining XP needed to be achieved to complete the current level.
4. Block button Use this button to parry attacks and when used successfully can results in an auto-attack (if you had already upgraded the Blade Wave skill) that is useful when battling giant bosses.
5. Dash button When pressed, sends the hero into pulverizing dash and (when pressed repeatedly) spin attacks. Use this against large groups of demons or Boss- however pressing it continously will depletes the Rage meter.
6. Charge button When pressed, unleash Destruction Waves, hitting more targets with more damage

Pick Up All Pieces Of Loot and Look for Treasure Chest

Some monsters, when killed, drop coins and weapons. And when you kill the Boss, they also drop gems and sometimes very powerful weapons. Make sure you collect all of them. Some you can use, some you can sell for more coins in the Shop. In the Spider Lair and Hell Fire stage, you must quickly pick up the dropped weapons as they tend to disapper quickly.

Break all pots and barrels and open treasure chest to find coins and powerful weapons that you can use.

This is another fun part of EW2. Even if you have lots of monies – you don’t get to buy the BEST weapons and armour. You have to fight for them as these items are dropped randomly at different stages/levels (I think). You have to earned the RIGHT to BE EQUIPPED with the BEST!!…

Use Health Statues Strategically

Throughout each level, you may come upon giant stone heads with green-glowing platforms. Standing on one of these platforms will refill your health bar completely – it’s a one-time use only. You can use it to preserve using your health potions.

However it is ALWAYS recommended that you equip yourself with 10 (maximum) vials of Health and 5 Rage potion especially when you are fighting in tougher stages like Spider Lair and Hell Fire or reach a level where you will meet the Boss.

Upgrade your Weapons

Whenever you have enough monies, always upgrade your weapons so that you are prepared to fight in the tougher levels. Upgrade with GEM for a 100% guarantee or with coins if you have a 70% success rate and above, otherwise you may lose money for a failed upgrade GAMBLE.

And if you must GAMBLE (because you do not have enough GEMS), here is a neat trick for you. Before upgrading your weapon, go to the main page and save your data on iCloud. Then go back and upgrade your weapon with a COINS GAMBLE. If it failed, go back to the main page and load your last back up from iCloud. You will get your element, gems and money back intact. Wolla!

This means you will STILL need to purchase GEMS for that upgrade you want :(

Elements are used in upgrading weapons. If you do not have the necessary Elements, you need to purchase them with GEMS before you can upgrade your weapon.

Change your Weapons

Blue named weapons are more powerful than White named weapons. Orange named weapons are rare weapons but they may not necessary be more powerful than Blue named weapons. At a glance, you can compare the weapon strength (shown in numbers) of other weapons to the weapon you are equipped with. A down red arrow indicates a less powerful weapon. You can click the manifying glass to see how the sum of the weapon attributes contribute to its weapon strength.

DO NOT waste COINS/GEMS in upgrading a particular weapon to the MAXIMUM as you will find new and more powerful weapons that you can use as you progresses through the game.

Upgrade your Armour

You cannot upgrade your armour the same way like you upgrade your weapon. When fighting the monsters, they will drop weapons, monies and also armour. In your Inventory, look for armour that has a higher value and change to it. For example, you may collect a Royal Belt that is more superior (as indicated by a Green up arrow) to the one that you are currently using.

Yes, you may be led to think that way – a Green up arrow means a better armor!

WRONG big time!! When choosing an armor, you need to consider where you are fighting.. If you are in Hell Fire, you would choose an armour with lots of +fire resist similiarly if you are in Shivering Refuge, you will need armour with lots of +ice resist or lots of +poison resist in the Spider Lair.

I would recommend that you leave the Helm and Belt for +HP and +Defence and choose the rest of the armour to resist the demons that you will meet.

Sell what you DO NOT need for more COINS

After changing to a more powerful weapon or amour, you can sell what you DO NOT need for more COINS that you can use.

Upgrade your Skills

Always seek to upgrade your Dash, Block and Charge maneuvers to make them more effective in a fight. Each move features upgrades spread across three categories (Special, Damage, Rage) that help transform you into a more efficient killing machine.

Replay Easier Levels

You can replay easier levels in the hope of finding some powerful weapon and collect more monies.

No Sweat – No Gain!

Spider Lair and Hell Fire Dungeons are the toughest stages but they produce better loot and more powerful weapons. For example, at the beginning of Spider Lair (Level 1), you will meet and fight with 10 Boss all in just the first level!!

And you will need MORE powerful weapons and armor to fight with monsters that seem impossible to be defeated in Hell Fire. At Hell Fire stage, most melee enemy is a BOSS and most WEAK enemy use PROJECTILE which you need to counter with parrying those attack!(block). You must be wary to enemy attack to retaliate or else you will die a quick death from your enemies rapid arrow shots!

Do not despair – you do not always need to fight in the deadly Spider Lair and Hell Fire stage to get some good stuff. You can get a rare Orange named armour (Warlord Helm) from the final Boss in the Shivering Refuge at level 9. And if you do finally fight in the tougher stages, you can get some really good stuff like the Dragonscale which you can farm in Hell Fire level 9. Yes, it is the same armour our Hero wears in the EW 2 profile photo!

More Combat Tips

Use long weapons against giant bosses so that you can keep your distance from their attacks.

Always remember to block. This proves useful for parrying attacks, then counterattacking.

Hit your enemies while they they are emerging from the ground as they would be at their weakest position.

You must finish a floor to collect loot.

If you are killed before completing the level, you can give up and lose all collected loot for that level, or revive with GEMS.

Do not stand over fire pits or your Health will deplete quickly.

Wanna get 100 hit combos or even the near impossible 200 hit combos and get lots of coins (upto 1,500 coins)? First equip yourself with a very weak weapon, then choose Spider Lair stage 1. In first wave, you will encounter many small spiders. Hit and attack as many spiders as possible before your health reach zero! Since you are using a weak weapon, the spiders will not die easily and you can easily reach 200 hit combo. Then allow yourself to die and choose to give up. When you check the Quest, the 200 combo quest had been completed!

While playing in Multiplayer mode, when you use a Health potion – your partner also get healed and vice versa. I am not sure if this is a bug, but you can heal two persons with one health potion! Cool!!

Anyone reached level 51 yet? Yes, it seems there is another suprise on the Health potion. It only costs 1 coin to purchase BUT you CAN’T purchase it?? It must be a bug – guess we are stuck at level 51 until Glu fixed it!

CHECK OUT HsuMighty Weapons & Dragonscale Armor

See that guy below – yep, that’s HsuMighty! With his Dragonscale armor and his Inferno Sword and Jade Reaper! Looking good! These are some of the fantastic goodies you will get as you fight in the Hell Fire stage. These photos are compliments from HsuMighty!

And while you are looking at HsuMighty weapons, you may want to check out his Dragonscale Helm, Dragonscale Belt, and Dragonscale Leggings. The Dragonscale Shoulder and Dragonscale Armpiece is kinda hard to find, so if any of you guys had those items, please send them to RumpiTekno!

CHECK OUT FengYun, Natsu, daniel.xdevilz, SyrGaga & Sixwheel Goodies!!

The fun of playing is EW2 is like playing Diablo. You never know what it will be dropped or what will be available in the Shop. Here is the screenshot of FengYun Dragonscale Armor (compared that with HusMighty).

And look at Natsu, deadly Grim-Death Axes!! That is one amazing and fantastic pair of axes. It must be fun having this kind of weaponry and armory goodies. Slash-slash-slash!! Let’s kick some ASS (oops, sorry for the language)!!

Seen a Foul Reaper & Mace before? Well, check out daniel.xdevilz mean weapon below!! Completely foul from the stench of the dead demons & Bosses it slashes!!!!

Here is another Dragonscale armour owned by SyrGaga!! What do I have to tell you – Dragonscale armour is HUGE!! Anybody out there owned a Dragonscale shoulder? Still haven’t seen one yet!! Maybe SyrGaga is keeping the Dragonscale shoulder to himself!!

We have a Sword, an Axe, a Mace, a Slasher and now check out Sixwheel Twin Cleavers and his Dragonscale Armor. Pretty much, we have a complete set of Dragonscale armor except for that elusive Dragonscale Shoulders!!!

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Christopher Lee

246 thoughts on “Eternity Warriors 2 – Cheats & Tips

  1. I’m wearing dragon breaker weapon – 4000+
    Wyrm slayer helm – 2000+
    Wyrm slayer shoulder – 2000+
    Wyrm slayer belt – 2000+
    Wyrm slayer armpiece – 2000+
    Wyrm slayer legging – 2000+

    My screenshot already sent…

    • I saw the screenshots you sent me. Crazzzyyyyy…. I will try to get those pics up. Will gather photos from other gamers first. Thx

    • GLU bad boy. They always have the habit of kicking you out (reset) the game when you get an epic weapon! Too bad buddy :(

  2. Hi just wanted to know how do I save this game on an ipad 3 …..every time I goto the I cloud page in the game the buttons save and load are disabled….and I have checked and rechecked ….. I am logged in to my I cloud account.

    • Make sure you are at the home page of EW2. Click on the iCloud button (found at bottom left corner of screen) and then select Save or Load as you pleases….

    • Im stuck on same position like you, bar looks just like yours but im lvl 61. Guess they put limit after lvl 60 but after i leveled up.

    • I finally got to level 61. I’m about 1/4 full on the experience bar now moving to level 62. Good to know the levels can keep going higher and higher. Congrats on reaching that level. What’s your guess on how many experience points are needed to level up after 60? I’m guessing 50 million. Lol

    • Its very much, one ft 10 run is cca 240k exp and you need 200-300 runs. Yep something like 50-100 mill exp :)

    • Sweet!!! I’m still at level 61 I think I have about 75 more ft10 runs before I hit 62. I recently played with some random player on mp at level 65. This guy was a beast. It seems his attacks were much stronger than mine(I have the sickle swords with all critical rates/damges). Any possibility that as you level up, your attacks gets stronger? I know the hit points increase.

    • Finally reached level 62. I think I’ll be giving my iPad2 a rest for the next few days. Lol. Congrats again on reaching 63.

  3. Anyone knows where is the treasure chest in the forgotten tomb ? Im facing major problems with multiplayer in forgotten tomb….disconected from server (both in Join n create)

  4. Scorching axe 3121… Warrior helm 2070… Pharoah shoulder 2158… Pharoah belt 2086
    Titan armpiece 1916 … Pharoah leggings 2145… What r the limits guys ?

    • Ofcours. But there is one thing about fire and poison dmg from monsters. You can never resist 100%. That means if you got crazy fire resist, like 2500, lvl 1 monster will do same fire dmg to you as lvl 100. There is one minimum dmg you always get from poison and fire. On the other hand you can resist ice 100% and you need 0 thunder resist to resist it 100%

    • ok thanks
      cos ive run a few tests on HF 5, wearing 250ish fire res, or none at all, and having extra 500 hp (as well as other hp items) or not the extra 500; but with the different variables, each time it takes 35 dot hits from the environmental fires to kill me, without fail.
      :S ?

    • Dont worry about resists too much, get full armor set with def/hp or hp/def or combo 2 parts def/def 2 parts hp/hp and 1 def/hp or some other combination with hp and def. Point is to have 5 hp bonuses and 5 def bonuses. And resists you will get after upgrade. I have in my armor set 5hp bonuses 5 def 6 thunder 6 ice 6 poison and 7 fire and i can finish all lvls without hp potions or rage potions. Now you dont need so much resist as i have but i guess they put it so much in game couse of potential pvp (final warrior dash skill deals huge fire dmg or mabe they will put mage character…)

    • ah right, i think I understand.
      The extra defense (not the base) or hp for armour can’t be added with upgrades, as upgrading armour only adds ele resistance?

  5. Hei Everyone… Thx for the updates. Sorry didin’t reply your emails earlier. I had something urgent to do for the past weeks. Got all the good stuff you send me. I’m just compiling them right now and will have a new post up by Friday just for the Forgotten Tomb.
    Just in case you don’t read this thread, I will reply to your email individually later.
    Thx guys.

  6. Hi, can anyone help me? I have problem with multiplayer, I see only about 30 players every time I try to play, even when my friend see on his mobile about 250 player online and we are on same servers.. and we dont see ech other in the game, so we cant play together :( any sugestions pls? I have newer version 1.3.0., and HTC ONE V with CM9.. THX

  7. I just got a dire fell-axes (not magical base damage 353) which requires lev 5 element to upgrade. How am i supposed to get that lev 5 elm. w/o purchasing?

    • I’ve got lvl 5 element starting from Forgotten Tomb Dungeon 6. it dropped from boss wave 7, 8 and 10 (except spider) :)

    • you can get level 5, but it is very rare – seems to be quite random too. HF level 6 wave 3 boss once and wave 10 boss another time. You should hold out for 500+ weapon to use level 5 element on.

    • Thanks man, by the way if i have two weapons of same total damage one normal and one magical, isn’t it better to upgrade the normal one since its base damage is higher than the magical one?

  8. I’ve completed everything solo with a 940 weapon (mighty mace and edge) and 200-350 armour – The last 4 levels of HF only once each though.

    I never buy any gems and have never seen a weapon better than about 400. I’ve had the same gear since about half way through shivering refuge and can’t seem to find anything like the stuff people are talking about in this thread.

    I’ve played plenty of multi player games too. What am I missing?

    • No sorry but there are so many good tips from EW2 gamers. I had posted something at Glu. Please check it out for a list of great tips from other gamers.
      Forums >> General Discussion >> Invitation to the Other Side!. The topic is posted in General Discussion section, currently at the fifth page.

  9. I think I am about to send this game out to it’s final rest.. After the last upgrade I have found not one item better than I have.. Am still getting level 1 elements even in hell fire stages.. I need many items that would be an improvement, but doing the last 4 stages of the spider dungeon, and 1st 4 stages of the hell fire dungeon.. I got nothing I could use, and even the coins are fewer.. I need level 4 elements but only get level one & two’s.. And. perhaps this has nothing to do with the update, but I find my character hesitates and has momentary freezes.. Stops one from any chance of large mutiple hits.. and incurs damage otherwise I would not receive.. Too bad.. I was enjoying the game.. I am level 51, and use a 1048 Wicked Axe & mace. And am using more coins than I am receiving to stay alive..

    • No kidding?? I stopped playing the game two weeks ago. Then I was lvl 51 and now if I can still continue, I would still be at lvl 51. It was fun at the beginning but after that, it will going downhill all the way… sad :)
      p/s: the updates did a lot of funny things, like reducing the loot in SR 10, making it harder to upgrade to better weapons and … bad boys, Glu!!

    • chris, i havent played this game for a month since the last update brought many problems.but i have to say new update is much greater…we can even get new orange items dropped from bosses in Forgotten Tomb like Pharaoh belt, Dire Sickle Swords, not the one sold in shop..

      now we can wear full Dragonscale sets as a boss just gave me a white dragonscale shoulder, and it looks pretty cool…

      it seems we dont have to pay anything to get awesome stuff :D

    • Since the last update, farming for good weapons in SR has been reduced significantly and upgrade of weapons had been lame :(

    • it is not like that, base damage has increased instead. So basically, your weapon’s damage come mostly from base attack, not elements like before

  10. Hi! Pls help me… I already register an account at
    And it says there that i have a 27 free gems when i click the confirmation link from
    I already click it and confirmed my email, but still i dont know how to claim my free gems, i hope you can help me… Thank you

    • After you click and download the app, make sure you open the app and play the game. Go back to EW2 and check you gems status. If the gems are not added yet, go back to your app and continue to play the game until the free gems is updated into your EW2 account.
      Clicking and downloading the free app is not enough. You must open and play a few rounds in the downloaded app..

  11. guys i have on some items better stats than your warlord belt 317 assassin shoulder 253 warlord belt 244 dragonscale armpiece 318 but my best item is dragonscale leggins 346 all blue items , ive never found a rare item to be better than these i can post a screenshot but how ?

    • Best armor is defense / hp. Good items with def/hp are about 200. Shop armor demon orange is 247 and its best possible. 350 are not good as you think, get full set and boss in hf 10 will one-hit-ko you.

    • Im sorry i use iphone. So sorry. You should hack the game, ask fabian the fisH how to do it on android.

  12. Guys i need help i have s3 and i cant find icloud for android to upgrade my weapon
    Every app i tried for backup and restore its useless what to do i dont kno this glu system really sucks plzz give me a working trick..

  13. Why when i upgrade a weapon i only get attack upgrade but no new element attack such fire ,ice,poison etc..My twin clevans had 310attack,123fire attack,133ice attack but with each upgrade i only get attack up ..can somebody explain me why?

    • you can only have attack bonus for the first 2 upgrades..from the third upgrade onwards, you might randomly get fire/ice/thunder/poison attack, crit rate, crit damage

    • Yes, I heard about that before from some gamers before not proof of picture was available yet. It was said to max upto 5,000+ and called the “Heaven & Dragon Sword”. With 5,000, it wouldn’t be hard to kill any Boss with just a few strikes??
      The mystery of EW2 is where is Dragonscale shoulders and Heaven & Dragon Sword if they both exist? Or simply myth?? Hopefull, we can get something real!!

    • You can easily know what dmg it will have after upgrade. Physical dmg x 2,56 + all bonuses. Lets say i got inferno 300 phy and ice +150 and fire +150. Afrer upgrade i got another 4 bonuses +150 ice,thunder,poison,fire so all bonuses are 900 dmg and my phy will be 300×2,56 its about 768. Total dmg is 900+768=1668.

    • 289 phy 148 138 .. and ill get all the slots with 151 bonus

      so it will be 289×2.56 + 890 = 1630

      even tho my inferno is 1625 and 5 more damage is not a big deal but the Black Reaper looks way better than inferno

      @the end of all this i’m proud to have these good items without spending 1$ that whats all about ^ ^ .. its a game to have fun and be a good player

    • Yeah buying items with money would just ruin my game. If i get all best in few minutes why would i play lol?
      P.s. I would never buy for $ i would just hack it but its same :) would ruin game for me and this game is very interesting and diablolike

    • my wicked ace & sword has only one slot left..yesterday i lost more than 100,000 coins, but couldnt upgrade it to the maximum :( i think there is just only 10% of success, not 20% as mentioned…it sounds like you all upgrade your weapons so easily

    • well, save and load are tiring me, but finally get 140 poison for my Inferno Sword…cant get higher than 1600 :(

      hey, did you guys find any good stuff in MP HF 10?? I kept solo HF 10, and decided to go back to SR 10..hope there is just one treasure chest in HF 10, so we can find great items in there…those bosses are hopeless

    • u say its tiring u > xD

      i manged somehow to max my new Black Reaper with

      151 Poison 151 Light 151 Ice 151 Attack

      but i think @ less took me more than 2000 (Load/Save ) Click

      took couple of hrs also lol but @ the end im happy now :D

    • Great :) Seen the post by @Brandon about some guy who was carrying a light blue sword something like the death sword but glowing with light blue w/o any patterns while in HF MP. Heard about that b4 from other gamers. Said to max upto +5000 (called Heaven & Dragon Sabre). Now that would be really a nice suprise in the new upgrade (if it actually exist!)

  14. BTW guys while i was playing multi with someone lvl 50 hellfire lvl 8 which is completely way beyond my power there was this guy who was carrying a light blue sword something like the death sword but it is glowing light blue witouh any patterns!?!?!?
    Heaven and dragon sabre?

    • Heard abt that b4.
      Said to max upto +5000 (called Heaven & Dragon Sabre). Now that would be really a nice suprise in the new upgrade (if it actually exist!). I have asked other gamers abt it – if there is any news, will update :)

  15. Hey guys im having trouble with my ew2 when i play at hellfire and reach wave 5 the program crashes, my weapon is far above d suggested wepon and armors were dragonscales except for shoulder all orange btw but seems useless cause it always crass any help there? I cant enjoy hellfire im tired killing minotours,,

    • Tried the new updates? There is a good news and bad news. Good news – you now have a Quick Join button. Bad news – still having a hard time joining and the worst part, when you are playing MP and abt to complete the floor, the message “DISCONNECTED!” appears!!

    • that might be enough if you can block and parry accurately

      be extra careful with wave 6′s boss, and last boss because they can defend against your skills. What i do to kill those is to stun them first, then dash, and hope that they let us kill peacefully
      from my experience, you will need all of your skills, dash + block + charge to ensure your victory. If you can afford to upgrade twice, do it to ensure your victory

    • ew, they did not block your dash?? i mean wave 6′s boss and taurus, the last boss..sometimes they block my dash, even my charge attack, and did a 2-hit kill without giving me any chance to counterattack, so i decided to use charge to make sure i can hit them several times before dashing in case they can survive my charge..if you r strategic about where you stand, maybe you can do one-hit KO with just charging
      actually my skills are at maximum, so i dont have to use any potions in HF 10

  16. You need not to wait any longer.. Check out the new update (1.1.0) which is available today.. new weapons, new armor, new quick join button, new multiplayer mode improvements..

    • white weapons are not good .. blue are the best

      Also 180 base damage is so low btw !!

      for example inferno Sword Base damage 500-600
      also Wicked Axe & Sword Base damage 500-600
      Soul Axe base damage 500- 600
      inferno Axe base damage 500-600
      and there other Tiwn Clashes and Tiwn Slash can have above 500-550

    • ive been searching lvl 10 Shivering Refuge but no luck with the weapons Sefo FutuRe had mentioned. BTW i am having really serious problems with hELL fire which i think its because of my weapon damage, i would appreciate if anyone can give me tips on where to find weapons with a base damage of at least 500 while below hell fire level 2

    • all the weapons i mentioned drops from the (Chest) in SR 10 ..
      so u go in the map hit the chest and see the drops if not the one u want re-play the map and keep do that u will find after @less 20 try … i do this like 500 time everyday

  17. hi guys, regarding multiplayer, if youd to run it alone ( you can press the start button even without 2nd player ) would i still receive drops as good as starting with two players ?

  18. hey chris, I know how to upgrade weapons with 100% rate without using gems, this works for iphone but i dunno about android devices.
    How to upgrade level 4 weapons with 100% success rate:
    1) Save your game at a point with sufficient money and level 4 elements from the options (icloud)
    2) Pick the weapon u want to upgrade and upgrade it
    3) If you fail or do not get the attribute u want or if its too low, load the game from the options (icloud)
    4) repeat step 2-3 until you succeed upgrading and satisfied

    • You can make 1600+ from it. Its good but blue wicked axe & sword can go higher. I found one with 313 phy dmg and now its 1647.

  19. So i maxed out a Twin Cleavers with the base damage of 560 and it capped out below 1500. Is it luck with each time you upgrade how much damage you’ll get for it? or is there specific weapons that cap out higher than others that’s not based on the initial (non-upgraded) damage?

    • Most important is physical dmg, some dual weapons got like 260 phy and 2x 150 elemental, they will have lower dmg when fully upgraded, like 1500, and some got 290 phy dmg, those can up higher than 1600 dmg. And 2hand weapons Phy dmg goes even higher than 300, once found with 311 but i didnt like magic on it, had crits and i keep only those with elementals. 300+ elementals could go up to 1650.
      From my expirience weapons that got highest phy dmg are twin cleaves, twin slashers, foul death axes, wicked axe and sword and inferno sword and black reaper.

    • My foul death-axes (fully upgraded) are:
      attribute: 613
      +139 attack
      +129 ice attack
      +105 thunder attack
      +134 poison attack
      +145 poison attack
      +131 attack

      I want to know how natsu hit 2700+ :)

    • his weapon is on a different level..its orange, and has 7 or 8 empty slots to upgrade..i think we can find those in HF 10 hopefully

  20. if anyone knows where to get dragonscale set? i keep getting armpiece in HF10 SP..Btw, can it be looted in HF SP? or MP? thanks.. btw rumpitekno i will send my new pair of axes that has 2700+ damage..:D

    • Dragonscale, all Parts but shoulders from that chest in shiver 10. Can your program hack exp too? Can you check if there are lvls beyond 51?

  21. i hope that in the next updates thay add new areas and a higher lvl cap
    beside maybe the health amount that character has on the life bar . ex ( 2500/2500 )
    that will be a nice idea to let ppl choose the right armor to wear and watchingtheref HP all time .
    also i would like to see some character infos like a small tab with maybe damage/defense/element res and stuff like that .. i dk if u guys agree with me but maybe coz im used to play lot of online games i would like to see it like dis

    • Yep i miss info part too. But i guess they wanted to make it as simple as possible to play. Many times when i see complicated games on mobile i delete it. Thats the main reason of green and red arrows on items too. So people dont bother with stats, they just pick green arrow.
      And as about lvl cap, my exp is sill growing and im lvl 51, i got about 15% of my exp bar full :) im not sure what sill happen when its full but still its nice to know that all that exp from farming isnt for nothing.
      New update must have areas for farming demon armor parts and the strongest weapons. Also ranking on game center. Pvp would be great too :) with honor points and special honor shop with strongest items in game :)
      Also passive skills which would be very expensive like lvl1 5% dmg 100k gold lvl2 10% dmg 200k gold etc defense life resists…

    • i dont think so .. i got 2x maxed Inferno Sowrds one with full elemental dmg total of 1625 damage and another sword have 3 slots with ( 5% Cirt Rate , 6% crit Rate , 13% Crit dmg ) with 1317 total dmg …. , the elemental one is way better for me

    • Critical is double damage in most games so proly here to, so if you got 5% crit rate on weapon with 1500 dmg than its similar to extra 75 dmg, and elements are about 150 so its better to have elements. And i also had one weapon with crit and i wasnt pleased with it. On shop weapons they are regular so we cant change it but than again those weapons got uber dmg so it doesnt metter :)
      In my opinion crits will be good if glu team makes Pvp content. Than you could make various strategies. Lets say you got all upgrades crits so it will do only physical dmg and you will own opponents who use elemental resists on their armors.

  22. @HsuMighty, @FengYun, @Natsu, @daniel.xdevlz, @SyrGaga, @Sixwheel and other New EW2 Heroes out there::

    I am trying to put up a photo gallery of EW2 Heroes in their finest suit this Wednesday. Pls send me updated photos of yourself to:

    Thx Guys – let’s continue kicking ass :)

  23. I am lvl 51, I keep farming in Shivering Refuge and get lvl 4 weapons, my best is a 561 base dmg wicked axe & sword (upgraded to 1119 with 2 slots left) and another 560 base dmg inferno sword (upgraded to 866 with 3 slots left). Where to find lvl 5 weapons? in hellfire lvl 10? (I only can pass lvl 1)

    • There is no weapons for lvl5 elements in game yet. Im not sure abot these grim axes natsu uses thoe, but they are bought in shop. In hell, even lvl10 you cant find anything higher than you are finding in shivering lvl10. And dont hope for orange items of high quality, only lower quality drops. So you cant find orange demon armpiece or dragonscale helmet or warlord shoulders, highest orange you can get is dragonscale armpiece, warlords helm and assassins shoulders. Same for weapons, can find only foul versions of orange duals, cant find wicked or twins. And 2h weapons dropps only lowers than inferno sword. But basicly lower class items even if they are orange than can never be stronger than higher class blue. So orange will be better only in case sou buy in shop or wait for new content in game and spots where you can farm all end game gear.

    • thanks for the info, yea I found a orange ancient axe and dmg was 483, I wonder why it was orange color, the stats are not significantly different than blue color. would be better if orange had another attribute

    • Well, I have a Dragons Bane here. 4956 damage. Over 315 ice,fire and thunder attack.

  24. What is the best way for me to get coins, level 4 elements, and eq
    upgrades? SR level 10, hellfire low levels, or level 5-7ish on Spider

    I’m level 51, able to easily beat SR 10 with a mediocre
    companion, i could probably do level 8 or so with a good companion on
    spider lair (right now i’m at level 7).

    I have a 974 damage
    weapon (480 attribute weapon) with 2 remaining upgrades left (6 of the circles are filed in).
    Most of my armor is about 70 points worse than the folks who posted pics

  25. What is the best way for me to get coins, level 4 elements, and eq upgrades? SR level 10, hellfire low levels, or level 5-7ish on Spider Lair?

    I’m level 51, able to easily beat SR 10 with a mediocre companion, i could probably do level 8 or so with a good companion on spider lair (right now i’m at level 7).

    I have a 974 damage weapon with 2 remaining upgrades left (6 of the circles are filed in). Most of my armor is about 70 points worse than the folks who posted pics above.

    • One more question. I’m about to save up 50k coins. What’s the first level 4 skill upgrade people recommend? Charge does great damage, so i was thinking of upgrading there. How good is special and damage upgrade there?

    • Easy lvl4 elements, gold and gear is on SR 10 singleplay. If you are aiming for high grade items than smash chest till it drops something you want, lets say blue demon armpiece or blue twin slashers or inferno sword etc and than finish that stage to get it. Boss there usualy drops lvl4 elements so youll have very much in 50 runs :) i upgraded 3 weapons to max and still got 100+ lvl4 elements, all skills maxed and am very pleased with my gear, and all that from few days farming single SR 10. As about first skill upgade i would recomand cheaper rage for dash if you like using that skill, if you like charge than charge 2x times. Charge is good in SR 10 couse last 2 bosses always spawn on same spot. Hope i helped.

    • SyrGaga i couldnt have said it better sf 10 single is the solution, incase chris lee posts my screenshots, i got my whole gear from there without spending money

  26. Im already lvl 51, i have dual cleavers maxed to 1500, gears that go over 300 defense…. will multiplayer give me better gear? I really need tips to advance even further… i can solo HF up to level 5 only… and btw what gear is best for HF? I personally think its fore resist

    • And btw i forgot to congratulate you for the best ew2 guide out there, incase u need any help or screenshots im always here :)

    • Sixwheel you need defense/hp atributes on armor parts and you need upgraded skills and to use perry alot vs archers and mages in hell fire and when you practice perrying alittle you will finish hell fire easy.

    • SR MP level 10 – you’ll find lots of weapons with 400+ base damage. Rare ones are those with 500+ base damage.

      HF 10 or any level in HF for that matter is useless without multiplayer. HF 10 drops roughly the same gear as SR 10 but SR 10 MP goes even higher. There is ZERO reason to play single HF at the moment.

      HF 10 SP loot wont even pay for the potions you have to spend to clear it (5-10).

    • No kidding :) You do have the crazy Grim-Death axes, loh!!! Anyone found any Dragonscale shoulders?? Like the Loch Ness monster, I think the Heaven & Dragon Sabre is there – but you need to REALL, REALLY find it!!!

    • Found a 300 dragon scale helm in HF 1 MP!

      In Level 10 SR, you’ll find lots of weapons with 400+ base damage. Rare ones are those with 500+ base damage.

      HF 10 or any other lvl in HF is useless without multiplayer. HF 10 drops roughly the same gear as SR 10 (but SR 10 MP goes even higher). There is ZERO reason to play single HF at the moment. HF 10 SP loot wont even pay for the potions you have to spend to clear it (5-10).

    • Some gamer max it to 5,000+. Myth or real? If it real-it is DEADLY!! And like the Loch Ness monster, it is REALL… but you got to really find it hardd.. I don’t suppose those guys at Glu will want to shed some light on this :(

    • Right :)) I am still waiting for the screen shot of the Heaven and Dragon sabre :) I am just as curious as you :) The gamer said it was max upto 5,000+ (crazy weapon!!!!)

  27. my weapon so far is grim death axes 2682 damage
    attribute: 1446
    +204 ice damage
    8%critical rate
    17% critical hit damage
    +194 ice damage
    +189 ice attack
    +173 fire attack
    +167 poison attack
    +144 ice attack
    (can be buy in hell fire lvl 10 recommended weapon’s tab)

    btw, is heaven and dragon sabre does exist? never found the weapon so far.. or is this some sort of joke??><

  28. strongest weapon so far sir? what is its base damage? btw, i bought the axe on hellfire 10 the recommended weapon for the stage and i upgrade it to maximum and its damage is 2562.. heaven and ragon sabre is best than this and what armor should i farm?the dragonscale is the best et or not? btw, nice tips..:D

  29. I noticed something few days ago but wasnt sure till now. Exp doesnt stop on lvl51. My exp bar is now almost 10% full. Exps goes ultra slowly but it still goes :) guess we can reach higher lvls than 51 :) anyone else noticed that?

    • i have no idea how, but i was just playing HF level 1 with someone who was LEVEL 60! Of course my server disconnected so i didn’t get able to pass it. Still haven’t done any HF levels.

  30. Bosses on wave 6 and wave 10 in hell fire are same as last 2 bosses on lvl10 in shivering region. They are hardest, specialy on last few lvls in hell fire. And beat them with charge/dash/run away/charge

  31. Nice tips thx, i just finished lvl 10 hf and took me 5 hp pots and 2 rage pots and got junk as reward. Ill just play mp sr till i up all skills and find that 600+ weapon. Dont know about you guys but i noticed that dash skill do more dmg with dual weapons… Guess that wirlwind douse double the dmg.

  32. BREAKING NEWS!! For those EW2 gamers, if you had not yet fight in the Hell Fire Level 9 or if you had not obtain any of the Dragonscale armor and fantastic weapons, check out the photos sent by HsuMighty!!

    Now waiting for Glu new updates, new levels and new enemies to FIGHT!!!

  33. Anyone found shoulders higher class than warlords? Or demon parts wich are not armpiece? Im stuck on level 6 in hellfire and was wondering when will good stuff begin to drop?

    • You will find something neat at level 9 in Hell Fire. The Boss is quite easy to defeat but … those troublesome archers shoot rapidly!! You need to pary and block. It would really help if your Block skills are max especial your Special & Damage Block skills. And if you manage this level, you get the Dragonscale – yep, the armour our Hero wears!

      Most probably this piece of good stuff is worth mentioning.. and suprise yourself with the really, really rare weapon “Heaven & Dragon Sabre!”

    • I never block couse it drains rage , i only perry but cant do it all the time couse it requires cats reflexes :) ill max it out eventualy, all my skills, i just found the way to kill boss on lvl6, i upgraded charge and stun/killed him. Couse if i let him hit me even once i die.
      And how about lvl10? Does it drop demon armor parts?

    • That’s a new tip for me :) I didn’t realize about the drainage.. Lvl 10.. lvl 10?? Keep dying.. After playing EW2, EW1 seems so easy :)

    • I ve finished Hellfire 10 but couldnt get any good weapons and armor. Where can i get the Heaven and Dragonsabre?

    • Me too, stucked at hell fire seven , arrrows are fast and not easy to parry while fighting against bosses, unless you can see where it shoots, and a nice timing too

  34. Alls good but want to add something, armor parts with green arrow are not nessesery better than with red arrow. For example assasin helmet can have ice and poison resists 120 and 130 and that helmet got very high green arrow, but dragonscale helmet with bonus on defense and hp dont have that high arrow but are in fight better, specialy in hellfire. It all depends where you fighting. Armor parts with bonus hp and defense are the best in all dungeons exept in hellfire, there is best fire resist/ defense bonus. You do get some damage from ice monsters in shivering area if you dont have ice resist but the monsters that kill you are final 2 bosses a d for them hp/defense is best atribute.

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